Cello & Zach Castro Release New Hit “Moonlight”


What do you do when you are feeling happy or sad? What is that one thing that keeps you sane? A song from your favorite artist! Music is a language of love and emotions, a way to help you relax and say what you cannot otherwise.

Unfortunately, most of the songs released these days are dance numbers with meaningless words and loud beats and for someone who loves genuine music, this surely puts them off.

But wait! Cello and Zach Castro might have a song ready under their sleeve, something you will find different and fall in love with!

Moonlight: The New Love

Cello and Zach's latest project is the Moonlight, a song close to their heart which they believe will be loved by the masses. The song is unique and cleverly composed. It is a combination of subtle beats, strong vocals, and meaningful lyrics, all formed into a beautiful musical masterpiece that keeps you hooked to it.

However, don’t Cello and Zach have two completely different singing styles? They do! How can hip-hop and rap beats be taken a notch down to create something creepy yet soothing? Something subtle and soft? Well, if you want to know how to wait for the release of the song!

Classic like Moonlight come once in a decade and do be created by a duo as amazing as Cello and Zach, you can expect high from the song. You bet, it will not disappoint, but there is a catch! You will see a different style of rap and hip-hop in here! Nothing like the average thuds or fast music, rather you will see the unexpected where the duo tones down their beats to make the experience surreal.

Moonlight is a classic in its true sense, promising to touch you deeply.

Are You Excited?

Don’t Cello and Zach excite you already for the new release? If you are, you will be glad you waited this long for an amazing piece of music. The Moonlight is by far one of the best songs by both artists.

Having said that, missing out on this one won’t be easy. From the lyrics to the tunes, everything about this song is cleverly composed. How many times have you been left awestruck by a song? A composition that goes down generations and lives till eternity?

There are not many but we bet, Moonlight will proudly be one of those. A song that came straight from the heart is bound to touch you deeply. Whatever touches you deeply are sure to carve its way down generations.

Cello and Zach have worked hard with their song, trying their best to come up with something original and unique. Although they have always put heart in their work, Moonlight is sure to be their best composition.

So, buckle up for the release of a new classic by your favorite singers because once you hear this, you will not be able to get enough of it. We bet moonlight will become your next favorite!

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