Has Nardo Wick Stole Blam Boom Off This Upcoming Artist?

Who doesn’t like grooving to hip-hop? If you are a hip-hop fan, missing out on Young Cisto’s work is hard! This young lad has breathed new life into hip-hop by the magic of his performance.

Cisto, an Oslo-based singer with a Ghanaian heritage is a powerful performance. Not only is his music brilliant but he puts the stage on fire with his fabulous performance. The lad has gained success in a short time, but it hadn’t come easy to him.

Young Cisto worked hard on his career by bringing his tunes to life but the success came at a cost and now his work is being stolen by competition. Nardo Wick, a close competitor of Young Cisto dares to copy his work and shamefully call it his own. But what he forgot is that, in the music industry, every move comes at a cost.

Who is to Blame?

When you talk about new era hip-hop music, what is the first name that pops up in your mind? Young Cisto it is because it is impossible to miss out on his charismatic personality and powerful performances.

But since he launched his song, Red Flags, looks like fans aren’t the only ones impressed by his work. his competition seems to be so impressed with the work that he planned to steal the track and release it as his with minor changes to it.

Looks like you’ve understood whom we’re talking about! That is correct! After Cisto released his Red Flags, Nardo Wick launched his song Blam Boom which sounds like almost the same version of Cisto’s song, only sung in Wick’s voice.

But is he the one really to blame here? Of course! going for shortcuts for success is easy but one wrong move can end up your career. Cisto and Wick are both aspiring performers, with each one good in their genre but then why did Wick steal Cisto’s work?

Had Wick run out of original tracks already? Or did envy take over him easily? Is he to blame? Well, if you hear the songs, you’ll see the similarity, especially in the lyrics and tune. And because the world knows that Cisto has launched his way before Wick, the latter is to be blamed for stealing Cisto’s hard work.

The Lies and Reality

The case of song stealing hasn’t only disturbed Cisto but his fans too. Even people who followed Wick and found him amazing at his work are absolutely upset by the act. As unfortunate as it is, the act needs to be taken seriously.

Although stealing songs is a common thing in the music industry, it needs to stop because it can ruin the careers of the latter. Unfortunately, Wick wasn’t thinking about the consequences his actions may carry and his audacity is shocking.

But because the world already knows the truth, the fans ask justice for Young Cisto because no one’s years of hard work should not go to waste like this. 

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